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Welcome to the official Internet home of Mindbender Goes Boom. 

What exactly is Mindbender Goes Boom? I'm glad you asked. (You DID ask, didn't you?) Mindbender Goes Boom is a shiny, brand new startup  book publishing company.  Well, technically self publishing since we are quite literally doing it ourselves.

Here at Mindbender Goes Boom you are able to purchase books of the highest caliber (in my opinion at least) from authors that you may never have heard of before, but if you give them a chance I am sure that you will enjoy their work. Whether you buy it digitally or you splurge and purchase a beautiful paperback copy, you will enjoy the books of Mindbender. 

We have superheroes, in the form of The Immortal Staff-Master and his friends. We have sword and fantasy in the form of the upcoming Vigrid Knights. Finally we have ghosts in the upcoming Mindbender Investigations series focusing on ghost hunting. 

Please bookmark this site and check back often, for it will be changing and getting forever better and better.